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Learn the fundamentals of punching and kicking. Each session builds on the basic techniques of the art of MuayThai while building fitness and muscle tone at the same time. Sessions are interactive and at the end of the course, one will be proficient enough to execute a simple heavy-bag routine and kick-pad routine. This course is a structured program with minimal contact.

For those who are focused on attaining and maintaining their optimal fitness level. These sessions include a variety of rigorous kickboxing circuits performed in conjunction with other strength-training techniques aimed at challenging ones stamina and endurance.

For those who are very serious about the sport and wish to master the fighting strategies and techniques of MuayThai and for those who wish to enter competitions. This advanced class is physically demanding and involves full-contact sparring.

For those aged between 13-20 years of age who follow the same curriculum as the group programs above.

Course Unlimited (Monthly) 10 Sessions (Valid for 3 Months)
Basic / Intermediate / Advance $220 $300
Students Under 21 $190 $220

Personal Training
Our personal training programs are designed to enable you to master the basics of Muay Thai kickboxing at your own convenience. The program is a flexible fast-track program compared to the normal group classes which are based on a fixed curriculum.
Call us to enquire on our personal training prices.